Why Us

YallaYoga is an innovative Social Enterprise serving as both an educational institute, and a healthy lifestyle community.

Pillar 1: Education

We place high value on providing a high quality of education in Yoga for those seeking to deepen their understanding of yogic philosophy and science. We are currently the only educational and training institute in Egypt to offer a high quality of yogic programs for various populations.

Pillar 2: Community

We place an equally high value on building community. Our facilities offer a quiet, cozy and friendly environment, which is essential for relaxing, making new like-minded friends and igniting creativity. Our meditation room and reading corner are the great places to take a break from over thinking and recharge you with energy and happiness. Our Muladara kitchen provides a wide selection of delicious vegetarian food and snacks. We have designed our facilities in a way that reflects the seven chakras thereby awakening the human being to a multitude of colours, sounds and smells.


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