Our Community

Have you every felt like a total misfit?

Are you looking for a place to offer some peace and quiet?

Do you strive to be kind, compassionate and accepting towards others?

Do you want to be free from attachments to people or things?

Are you keen on cultivating self-awareness through self-study?

Do you value your own uniqueness and celebrate it?

Are you keen on developing the quality of contentment in yourself?

Do you want to purify your body and mind from that which does not serve?

Do you seek to speak the truth?


Whatever it is, expect to meet people just like you. Our community has a common purpose and that is to improve our lives and the lives of others. We are a learning community, one that strives to learn something new every day and to spread those lessons out into the world.

Experience our community and join our events such as our Full Moon Meditation & Kirtan Night, Women’s Sharing Circle and Free Friday Lunch & Learn which take place all year the year!


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