Our Founder

When our founder, Sandra Atteya Ramses returned to Egypt, after completing her studies in Canada, she struggled to find inner peace. Having to give care to her Mother, a terminally ill cancer patient who had 6 months to live, Sandra suffered on an emotional and mental level. She knew that yoga was the ticket to good health and happiness but to her disappointment she could not find any yoga centers in the Heliopolis area where she lived. Even in her free time, she struggled to find a calm and relaxing place with like-minded people. A place that was free from the smell of smoke and the temptation of unhealthy food. A place that was free from loud noise. A place that was filled with people who sought to live a simple, happy, healthy and holy life. And so she began to dream:

And so in September 2012, after graduating from the Level 1 Aquarian Teacher Training Program at the Kundalini Research Institute, New Mexico, United states, she adopted a spiritual name, Shama Kaur, and felt the calling to start YallaYoga Center.


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