Our Teachers

Sandra Shama Kaur – Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan 

IMG_7152-41Shama Kaur started practicing Yoga as a method of healing while she was giving care to her mother who was dying from cancer. After her mother’s death in the summer of 2011, Shama’s yoga practice kept her balanced & driven make a positve impact in the world. Moreover, yoga’s purifying power helped Shama to let go of unhealthy lifestyle choices that included the use of alcohol, recreational drugs and harmful relationships.

In August 2012, she pursed Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at the Kundalini Research Institute, New Mexico, USA.  She teaches group classes and offers one on one coaching. She is also a prenatal yoga teacher, and has a passion for teaching pranayama and relaxation techniques, yogic diet and lifestyle and women empowerment.

Kholoud Al Baroudy – Arahatic Yoga Techer 

Kholoud El Baroudy is a certified Psychological & Crystal Pranic healer. Her passion is in relationship healing where she merges yoga, meditation and crystal pranic healing to serve and improve relationships. She is certified in Arhatic yoga and meditation and is a Yoga Alliance International certified teacher. She is also accredited Pranic Healing Teacher  by the World Pranic healing foundation.

Ahmed Osman – Akhanda Yoga Teacher

Going through daily life challenges hasn’t weakened but reinforced Osman`s believe in the existence of God`s healing powers. Being guided by this belief and going through several transformational experiences all together led him to the major transformation of becoming a certified holistic healer.

Having finished his 200-hr holistic Akhanda Yoga teacher certification in India compiling to it various studies of Pranic healing, Reiki, Psychometry and Crystal healing offering a new combination of different holistic healing practices in a unique way. Osman is a certified Akhanda Yoga teacher, Siam Reiki Master, Pranic, Psychometry and Crystal healing specialist.

Basma ElRashidi – Vinyassa Yoga teacher

Basma ElRashidi is a RYT- 200 certified and registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, from Cairo, Egypt. She teaches Vinyasa Flow classes, all offered in a fun and accessible way. Her classes focus on the physical as well as spiritual aspect of yoga, starting with a dynamic flow and ending with deep relaxation. She loves observing people, walking through old city streets, imaging what’s going on in the houses, smiling at strangers, the smell of new books, taking pictures, buying presents, and anything that has to do with chocolate. You will always find her playing with animals, singing, daydreaming, or planning her next trip. On an endless pursuit of the sun and the sea. You can connect with her on here.

Nadia El -Dasher – Vinyassa Iyengar Yoga teacher

Nadia El-Dasher began her yoga practice at 13, desperately trying to get her leg behind her head. Over a decade later she moved to New York to pursue her yoga education with Rodney Yee. After completing her 200 Hour Teacher Training at Yoga Shanti NY, she began training to be an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. She teaches an alignment-based vinyasa flow with a focus on anatomically-safe sequencing; getting in tune with your body and breath. She’s inspired by her family, friends and beautiful teachers, Colleen Sandman Yee, Rodney Yee, Susan Orem, Joyce Englander-Levy and Jenny Hudak. Even after all those years her leg still won’t go behind her head, but that won’t stop her from trying.

Gale Edison – Anusara, Bow Spring Yoga Teacher

Gale’s life has always been anchored in a committed physical practice. Practicing ballet from the age of 3, and highland dancing from the age of 4 into her adulthood, she went on to study dance in university. After exploring other career choices, her passion for movement therapies became her apparent life dharma- Committing to a life of learning and sharing empowering life practices. Gale studied hatha yoga under Meghan Currie and Sridaiva with Desi Springer and John Friend, and Yoga Tune Up’s Embodied Anatomy with Trina Altman. The most influential teacher in her practice is Dana Skoglund, her teacher who has a background in Anusara and Sridaiva yoga, as well as ayurveda. Through yoga and ayurveda Gale strives to facilitate a newfound sense of self-empowerment, self-accountability and gratitude for life in all those who practice in her community.


Noha Sayedelahl – Sivananda Yoga Teacher

After quitting my corporate job in 2000, I studied fine arts at academie grandes terres in Paris, France in 2001-2002. I returned to Egypt and founded an arts center called studio 206 in maadi, which operated until 2007. Along with a group of 20 part-time teachers and staff, the arts center offered training in various fine, performing and applied arts such as painting, interior design, beadwork, acting, salsa dance, etc.
Around the same time as I founded the art center, I began to study yoga with an Egyptian teacher at a gym in maadi. By 2007, I was teaching a free beginner community class at studio 206. I continued to attend workshops and classes at the Maulana Azad Indian cultural center and with Dr. Chirayu at Nun Center. I also attended yoga workshops abroad and many yoga festivals, including Bali International Yoga Festival and Kundalini yoga festival.

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