House Rules

1. Upon arrival to the Center please remove your shoes,  put your phone on silent mode and take belongings into the locker rooms.

2. Kindly make sure to book for the class before coming to the Center with Mind Body APP.

3. Please register at front desk before entering a class. To make the process faster, create your own account on Mind Body App.

4. We do not permit smoking, animal products or fizzy drinks in the Center. Please leave any of these items outside the center.

5. If you borrow a yoga mat, make sure to place a towel over your mat during class and spray clean it after class.

6. Please arrive before the beginning of class by 15 minutes. Note if you show up late to class it is at the discretion of the teacher whether you can join class or not.

7. Please stay till the end of class. If you need to leave before the end, make sure to do so before the final relaxation pose (savasana).

8. Kindly, keep your voices low. Try to refrain from using your phones at the Center.


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