Our educational programs repackage yogic wisdom in themes to serve group needs such as meditation 101 and yoga 101 programs, art and yoga, crystals and yoga and many more. Typically program run over a period of 1 to 4 months and meet two to three times a week. At the end of the program graduates receive a certificate of attendance.

Yalla Yoga for Beginners 101

Level: All Levels

Duration: 5 weeks, 10 classes

Get introduced to Yoga from A to Z. Learn the names of poses and their benefits on the body and mind. Discover the correct way of breathing and relaxing to restart and recharge your system. Get a glimpse into the philosophy of yoga. Consider starting your own at home yoga practice!

Yalla Learn to Meditate 101

Level: All Levels

Duration: 5 weeks, 10 classes

Get acquainted with the various styles of meditation out there, from silent meditation to candle gazing, form chanting to dynamic/movement meditation. Get engaged in a meditative practice that will clear your mind and leave you feeling relaxed. Expect to be able to act your practice home!

Yalla Art & Yoga

Level: All Women

Duration: 5 weeks, 5 classes

In a joint with Art Cafe, YallaYoga brings you YallaYoga & Art program. This program is for those who know about the healing benefits of art and are eager to try out different things. From sketching and calligraphy, to jewellery making and cake decorations, not to mention mandala,drawing, pottery, collage, decoupage, flower arrangements and expressive art. You also have heard of the incredible benefits of Yoga and are curious to learn more about the 7 chakras and how they relate to our emotions, colours and state of being.  Fusing both art and chakra yoga together in a sweet 5 class series where you gain insight into the 7 chakras and the various forms of applied art including You can expect to release anger and impulsivity, to develop a productive outlet for your emotions and desires and to learnt to learn to balance your 7 chakras!

Yalla Chakras & Crystals

Level: All Levels

Duration: 10 weeks, 10 classes
Understand the mystical eastern anatomy known as the chakra system and its connection with the physical body, emotions, mental state and spiritual body. Learn the yoga postures and colours required to activate and heal your chakras. Learn how to measure your energy with the use of crystals and pendulums so you can restore the energy flow and balance to yourself by yourself!

Women 4 Women

Level: All Levels

Practice yoga sets, meditations, breath practices and support one another in intimate circles of women4women to bring healing to common issues such as depression, menopause, low self esteem, fear of change, cancer, eating disorders, body image, beauty, colon problems, skin care, nutrition, weight loss, caregiving, family pressure on the ‘hijab’, the divorcée, the single and the working mother.

Healthy Body

Level: All Levels

Maintain the health of your body with these 6 yoga sets, geared to boost energy, fire up digestion, improve sleep, reverse stress, induce relaxation and correct breathing! Learn tools that you can use at home, upon rising, before you sleep and throughout the day to keep you energized and happy!

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